Malay hesitation to regime change

If we truly want to bring about this change, we have to be sensitive to the anxieties of the Malay community who still make...

No sobriety or sanity in former judge’s statement

Decent thinking Malaysians were justifiably shocked that a former judge of the Court of Appeals, Mohd Noor Abdullah, could have expressed views that are...

GE13: Pliant papers, restless hearts

The normally compliant mainstream media dropped all pretence of trying to be socially responsible newspapers in the run-up to the general election, observes Mustafa...

Elections in Sibu

Patronage politics and campaign propaganda lose their hold on urban voters in Sibu, reports Ngu Ik Tien. The Sibu District is located in the lower...

GE13: We are already the winners!

The Malaysian people are already the winners – even if electoral victory for their preferred political party is usurped through a flawed electoral system...

What betrayal?

Was there an agreement before the general election? Did Chinese Malaysians actually promise the BN their votes ahead of time, asks P Ramakrishnan. Discredited politicians...

Musings on GE13

The people have spoken clearly through the ballot box. The big question is: can BN evolve to retain 47 per cent of the popular...

Whither neo-feudalism?

Melayu memang mudah lupa? Election results show that the bold trend among young Malay voters demonstrates a break from the neo-feudal mindset of hutang...

GE13 outcome: A people’s victory

We should not just look at GE13's formal outcome but view it as a continuing process of democratisation, says Johan Saravanamuttu. One should first pose...

Electoral fraud: The view from Sungai Siput

What trust we have in the Election Commission! Jeyakumar Devaraj reports his observations of the GE13 campaign process from Sungai Siput. There were many complaints...

GE13: The aftermath

The rakyat can take comfort that the process of change is now firmly in place and politics in Malaysia will never be the same...

An implosion in the offing!

Without a clear and clean national aspiration that resonates with all Malaysians, BN is on its last legs, says K Haridas. What was to...

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