Stop plans to build a nuclear power plant in Malaysia

The Malaysian people must call for all political parties to declare that they will unequivocally abandon all plans to build a nuclear power plant,...

Aliran forum: GE 13 burning issues

The time has come when we can look forward to a new Malaysia, where good governance is the order of the day, and real...

Umno must pay the price in the next elections

Only then will it be able to shed its arrogance and look beyond the narrow politics of race and ethnicity, says P Ramakrishnan.I have...

Penang Forum opposes road-based tunnel, serious reservations about highway-building spree

The Penang Forum Steering Committee opposes the proposed road-based undersea tunnel and the state government’s emphasis on highway construction over improvements in public transport...

Fear not! The People – not the BN – will safeguard Malaysia’s future

Francis Loh urges us to cast aside our fears and go for change. After all, it is the rakyat who hold our society together...

Fear not; go for change – Aliran Monthly 33: 2 editor’s note

The general election is drawing ever closer. In our cover story, Francis Loh urges us to cast aside our fears and go for change....

A longstanding wrong must be challenged and corrected

Legal action has been initiated on behalf of the democratic process to return to the people their right to choose their local leaders, writes...

Najib must step down; he cannot function as PM any longer!

Years of speculation as to who drafted private investigator P Balasubramaniam's second statutory declaration dramatically came to a close on 16 March 2013 at...

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