Sabah, Sarawak and the federal factor

Francis Loh reviews Aliran Monthly's coverage of the two states in the tumultuous period from the 1980s until the present.Right from the beginning,...

Contemporary media: prescribed freedom, proscribed truth

For all intents and purposes, media freedom and, by extension, freedom of expression in Malaysia, are still considered to be a privilege, not a...

Damned dams

The building of dams has had devastating effects on the environment and threatens the livelihood of the natives, observes Francis Loh, as he looks...

Education: Corporatisation, flip-flops and declining standards

The plummeting standards in Malaysian education did not happen overnight. Francis Loh  looks back at Aliran's previous analyses on the root causes of the...

Globalisation, migrant labour and the working class

Angeline Loh recounts Aliran Monthly’s journey and how its discussion of workers rights and later the influx of migrant workers and refugees was connected...

Neoliberal policies burden the people

These policies will burden the people and widen further the income gap, says Prema Devaraj.

Worsening inter-religious relations

Malaysians need to put aside any discriminatory thoughts and uphold mutual tolerance, understanding and respect, ethics that are encouraged by every religion, observes Syerleena...

Assault on the Judiciary

The watch for an independent, principled and progressive judiciary, worthy of the people, continues, writes Prema Devaraj.1988 will long be remembered by Malaysians...

The struggle against the ISA

Prema Devaraj explains how Aliran played a role in raising awareness of Malaysia's draconian acts over the past years. 

Aliran wins the National Integrity Award for 2005

Transparency International Malaysia presented Aliran, The Integrity Award, in 2005 “for its continuing fight for justice, freedom and solidarity and for fearlessly promoting transparency,...

Early Aliran cover designs by the late Ismail Hashim

These were cover designs created by the late Ismail Hashim for early Aliran publications in the 1980s.

Aliran Monthly honoured these Towering Malaysians

Malaysians must emulate the actions and deeds of these towering Malaysians in the cause of ‘Freedom, Justice and Solidarity’, says Francis Loh.Ahmad...

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