Najib’s hunger for Indian Malaysian votes

He is running to the Indian Malaysians to back him up strongly with promises of a better deal for them if the BN is...

Electronic companies, government must stop resisting recognition of trade unions

Charles Hector asserts that Renesas must immediately recognise the workers' union and reinstate workers' leader Wan Noorulazhar and other workers who have been terminated....

The media psy-ched for GE13

In a general election that is to be intensely contested, many ‘strange things’ may emerge in the media, predicts Mustafa K Anuar.The 13th general...

Dignity, credibility and Malaysian academia

The majority of academics haven’t exactly been the vanguard of the people or agents for social change, observes Rom Nain.As we finally come up to...

Malaysia slips in global competitiveness

Martin Jalleh looks at how loss of confidence in key government institutions is undermining competitiveness.

GE13: ‘No-win’ situation for Orang Asli customary land rights?

Recognition and protection of Orang Asli customary land rights, as important as they may be to Orang Asli, do not appear to be on...

The Indian dilemma

After 56 years of independence the plight of poor Indian Malaysians has changed very little, laments Dave Anthony.Historical misfortune reduced the South Indians to...

Malaysia most vulnerable to an economic storm!

Martin Jalleh surveys analysts' reactions to Najib's cash handouts and populist spending.

Who’s afraid of Anwar Ibrahim?

Far from being discredited in the public eye, ‘DSAI’ has grown much closer to the common people than when Mahathir made him a ‘martyr’...

Decentralisation: The way to deepen democracy, promote good governance

In the coming general election, vote the coalition that promises to usher in decentralisation, advises Francis Loh.The GE13 is around the corner. Regardless of...

Highest debt in Malaysia’s history!

Martin Jalleh looks at how the BN government has plunged Malaysia deeper into debt due to irresponsible fiscal spending and rampant corruption.

Najib vows to transform nation – but has failed to change Umno

Martin Jalleh wonders how Najib plans to transform the nation when he has admitted that his own party still needs to change.

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