A year of institutionalised violence

The State and its machinery must be made accountable for all unjustified violence, says Angeline Loh.There has been an upsurge of violence this year...

The anti-Lynas movement: Are we being unreasonable?

Given all the uncertainties, can we take the risk and make the several thousands of residents of Kuantan the guinea pigs, wonders Jeyakumar Devaraj....

Deepak: ‘Rosmah told me to look for Bala’

Deepak Jaikishan alleges that the PM’s wife rang him at about 6.00pm on the day private investigator P Balasubramaniam made the first statutory declaration,...


Umno is like a drowning man clutching at a floating straw to save his life, says Hishamuddin Yahaya.In unusually swaggering speech, the DPM...

2013 – Time for a new government

Even a cursory consideration of the Pakatan performance as administrators of five states will establish that they are fair, reasonable and, most importantly, not...

Malaysia’s 7th PM? (Aliran Monthly 32:11 editor’s note)

Could we see a new government - and a new prime minister - in Putrajaya after the coming general election? Aliran Monthly's latest cover...

The big, bad Indonesian bogeyman

The prospect of a democratic wave sweeping through Malaysia is simply too terrifying for supporters of the status quo over here – hence the...

Don’t politicise God

When God is politicised we are in big trouble. That is what is happening in Malaysia. And that's why we are in such a...

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