UN Malaysian Individual of the Year Award

A special tribute from the United Nations to Khoo Khay Jin (1948-2011), a committed social scientist, thinker and public intellectual.Khoo Khay Jin was...

Farewell, Brother Charles

Today, St Xavier's Institution celebrates the 160th anniversary of the La Salle Brothers' landing in Penang in 1852 to take over this mission school....

The forgotten endangered road-user

No priority is given to those who have chosen the most eco-friendly, non-polluting and healthy means of travel, laments Angeline Loh.An elderly lady...

Relevance of Gandhiji’s teachings to contemporary society

The magic of Gandhi is that his actions and ideas on how to fight injustice or spearhead change are universal and still relevant today,...

Is this the end of Suaram?

It is only the beginning of the struggle, says Tommy Thomas. There are many battles to engage in.I extend sympathy and best wishes...

Be a good journalist or don’t be one at all

Journalists have great power, and with that, comes great responsibility. So they should really be good journalists, or not join the profession at all,...

Rajakumar and his struggle for a just society

Rajakumar was a force for keeping activists focused on their points of ideological convergence. Garry Rodan reviews a book written by Tan Pek Leng....

Years of living precariously in Malaysia

Mustafa K Anuar comes up with a tongue-in-cheek take of some of the weird things happening in the country.Malaysians are living in the...

Time for change

It is janji tidak ditepati - think of the rampant corruption, rotten education standards and faltering national unity. And so, it is our duty...

High stakes general election

Penangites flocked to listen to Bersih 2.0 co-chair Ambiga Sreenevasan speak on the crucial issues that surround the coming general election. Anil Netto has...

Aliran Monthly 32: 9 editor’s note

Ambiga Sreenevasan turned up in Penang to deliver a long-awaited message at a forum organised by Aliran: free and fair elections are important because...

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