Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech – 21 years later

"If I am asked why I am fighting for democracy in Burma, it is because I believe that democratic institutions and practices are necessary...

Aliran responds to UN Special Rapporteur’s report

Maria Chin Abdullah submitted the following intervention on behalf of Aliran at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.Thank you Mr....

Stop harassing human rights defenders

On the world stage, Prime Minister Najib Razak promotes himself as the leader of a Global Movement of Moderates espousing the rhetoric of ‘universal...

The great U-turn: Rio plus 20

The landmark summit will be remembered for what it failed to do in a period of severe and multiple crises, not for what it...

Workers’ and trade union rights in BN-ruled Malaysia (Part 2)

Under this pro-business BN government, trade unions have been weakened and workers'bargaining powers eroded, writes Charles Hector.As of January 2012, the employed labour...

Poverty, inequality and crocodiles in Sarawak

As long as there are huge man-eating crocodiles in rivers to blame, the political and corporate crocodiles of Sarawak will continue feasting - unconscionably...

Aliran Monthly 32: 6 editor’s note

Man-eating crocs in Sarawak! They have occasionally paralysed villagers with fear. But lurking in the shadows, less visible political and corporate crocodiles have inflicted...

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