An Umno Angel wears Prada but the Devil is in the details

Umno has been trying to save its body - but what has happened to its soul, wonders Maznah Mohamad as she reflects on the...

How local democracy shut down Japan’s nuclear power plants

Fearing a public backlash at local polls, no local government would dare to re-start a reactor in their locality now. Anil Netto interviews Ohashi...

Aliran Monthly 32: 3 editor’s note

With household debt and federal government debt indicators rising and natural resources being depleted, it cannot be business as usual for the Malaysian economy....

Government’s deception of undocumented migrants and refugees

To promise an amnesty and then to back-track and break those promises does not forge greater trust in the authorities, remarks Angeline Loh.The...

Is the Tun hallucinating?

In an open letter to Mahathir, P Ramakrishnan takes to task the former premier for his outrageous statements about the Pakatan administrations in Penang...

The problem with GDP

Anil Netto explains why GDP growth is a poor measure of economic performance and why we need to move towards ecological economics.Every year,...

Democracy instead of the Fiscal Treaty!

We need a different approach to tackle the economic crisis, and a different Europe, says the German Association for Critical Social Research.Spring 2012....

Stop intimidation, violence against social and political activism

Seventy civil society groups have issued a joint statement condemning the recent incidents of political violence and intimidation in the country.We, the undersigned...

Stateless Indians gain right to be buried as Malaysians!

The plight of ignorant and uneducated Indians is legendary and deserves sympathy and compassion. From a humanitarian point of view, a caring and compassionate...

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