Malaysia’s political economy and the international economic crisis

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah looks back on the evolution of the Malaysian economy. Malaysians, he says, need to examine our political economy to find out...

Penang Forum 4 resolutions

These were the resolutions adopted by participants of Penang Forum 4: Development and Good Governance.Recognising that the current Penang state government, the MPPP...

A showcase for democratic space, post GE 2008

Soon Chuan Yean showcases Penang Forum 4, a continuing initiative to broaden public participation in local democracy, good governance and decision-making in development.Since...

What are the prospects for greater press freedom?

The press too needs more freedom to operate. But for this to happen, more support is needed not just from press freedom activists but...

Automatic voter registration; compulsory voting; no party hopping

P Ramakrishnan made the following recommendations before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform.No party-hoppingWe do not have an anti-party hopping law. Such...

Elections and democracy in Malaysia

Democracy cannot be restricted to participation in elections once every four to five years or to a group of ‘professional politicians’ acquiring power. Rather,...

Fixed dates for elections

Too much time and money is wasted in trying to create a favourable situation to call for an election, complains P Ramakrishnan.Elections should...

Aliran Monthly 32: 2 editor’s note

Democracy cannot be restricted to participation in elections every four or five years to a group of ‘professional politicians’ acquiring power. Rather, it should...

Waging a jihad for ‘Malay interests’?

Taking on Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria, Mustafa K Anuar points out that it is certain actions by Muslim politicians and bureaucrats - their involvement...

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