Free, fair and equal access to the media

The lopsidedness of the ownership and control of the mainstream media injures the democratisation process in Malaysia, observes Mustafa K Anuar.Introduction - Media,...

Make constituency development funds available to all elected reps

Stop the practice of allowing so-called ‘BN coordinators’ to have access to these funds, urges Francis Loh.In between elections, the BN’s elected representatives...

Enforce limits on election financing

The election expenses of all candidates and all political parties must be independently audited by certified auditors before submission to the SPR, writes Francis...

Reforming the Election Commission

To enhance democracy in Malaysia, there is an urgent need to enhance the autonomy and independence of the Election Commission, asserts Francis Loh.In...

Electoral reform: Towards fairness and a level playing field

Though elections have been largely free, there remains a major problem: they have not been conducted fairly or cleanly, writes Francis Loh.From the...

Hope for a free and fair 13th general election?

In December 2011, Aliran made submissions to the Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reforms when it visited Penang as part of its nationwide road-show...

Tributes to Khay Jin

Friend and colleagues of the late Khoo Khay Jin pay tribute to this voice of social conscience whose heart was close to the marginalised....

The greater the crime, the greater the sentence should be

Malaysians should begin to examine and question the way in which punishment is meted out, writes Justinian.On 23 December 2011, former Selangor Menteri...

Bejalai – Journeying through life

Andrew Aeria pays tribute to the late scholar-activist Khoo Khay Jin, a long-time friend and supporter of Aliran.And what does the Lord require...

In memoriam: Khoo Khay Jin

He had a deep and complex understanding of the human condition that made him rail at the meanness, injustice, and dishonesty towards the dispossessed,...

Aliran Monthly 32: 1 editor’s note

Anwar Ibrahim’s acquittal surprised many and it has surely changed the dynamics of the local political scenario ahead of the coming general election.In our...

Why did they free Anwar?

While the prosecution went all out to obtain a conviction using highly questionable methods, the powers-that-be could not ignore the sentiment on the ground,...

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