Gross mismanagement, glaring corruption

A change of government would mean prudent spending, better governance and an end to repressive laws, says P Ramakrishnan.This is a rich country....

Continuity and discontinuity: Prof Zainal Kling and Malaysian history

It is up to the people of Malaysia to determine the accuracy of contested versions of history. There is no other way, no basis...

Stop nuclear power plan

Civil society organisations from Japan, South Korea, Australia and Malaysia have called on the government of Malaysia to stop its nuclear power development plan....

Short cuts

In Uganda, the opposition announced that it would resort to a novel form of protest: its members would walk to work, writes Mahmood Mamdani....

The monarchy: What is Mahathir up to?

We reproduce a commentary by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman about then premier Mahathir's relationship with the Rulers in 1990.I must express my...

What would Gandhi think of our world today?

Recalling Gandhi's legacy, Marina Mahathir calls on us to make use of the power that we all have to insist that we be ruled...

Aliran Monthly 31:11 editor’s note

In our cover story, P Ramakrishnan provides a litany of gross mismanagement and glaring corruption in government spending. The money squandered could have been...

Do we need a law for peaceful assembly?

The Bill aimed at allowing peaceful assembly – a right guaranteed by the Constitution – ends up restricting further whatever public space that is...

BN following the dinosaurs

If the BN is judged obsolete and irrelevant to present-day Malaysia, it will not be the fault of the Opposition or the rakyat, but...

Francis Loh takes over as Aliran president as Rama steps down

Dr Francis Loh has taken over as Aliran president after P Ramakrishnan decided to step down at the 35th annual general meeting of the...

Ministry of Education – or Miseducation?

The education system needs to be revamped and a good starting point would be to remove the purview of education from politicians, writes Angry...

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