Lynas: A colossal catastrophe waiting to happen

M N D’Cruz raises the alarm over the Lynas rare earth refinery near Kuantan and says it is the duty of every Pahang resident...

Elections 1990: Irregularities on the electoral rolls

Pages From the Past looks back at the 1990 general election and finds that the problems of phantom voters and unreliable electoral rolls are...

Electoral fraud – part and parcel of our election process

The present EC is not capable of conducting free and fair elections, observes P Ramakrishnan. It must be disbanded and a new Election Commission...

Remembering 500 years of colonialism

Was Malaya ever colonised? Most definitely, according to Tommy Thomas, and by not one but four different colonial powers.The Malay Peninsula was colonised...

1 Factory, 1 Employer, please

Charles Hector alerts us to attempts to amend the Employment Act, which could fundamentally dilute or obscure the employer-worker relationship through the use of...

Aliran Monthly 31: 8 editor’s note

In the aftermath of Bersih 2.0, recent weeks have seen one irregularity after another in the electoral process being exposed.P Ramakrishnan looks at...

Parliamentary Select Committee: A tactic to delay, deny and confuse?

At this critical moment, the PM is obliged to give his word of honour that the 13th general election would only be held after...

On sustainable development for Penang

What type of development do we want for Penang? Is it rampant and unbalanced development or is it sustainable and balanced development, asks Lim...

Bersih rally, English riots: A crucial difference

Bersih was a demonstration of hope while the English riots were the converse - a demonstration of hopelessness, notes our special correspondent.Yes, the...

Najib visits Vatican; Malaysians write to Pope

A group of 372 Catholics and other Christians in Malaysia, including a string of priests and religious, have signed a joint letter to Pope...

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