Sugu: Has his heart all out for the destitute

M Sukumaran has been apprehended many times by the police but he is so driven that nothing deters him from campaigning to ensure the...

What crime did the PSM 6 commit?

When a government deems it politically expedient to lock up good men and women, it is high time we voted it out, writes Rani...

Letchu: The cheerful man in service

A Letchumanan was one of six PSM activists who were detained without trial for over a month before being released. The six face charges...

Raja Aziz Addruse – At the forefront of advocacy

Param Cumaraswamy pays tribute to the late Raja Aziz Addruse, a lawyer of high integrity who shone as a beacon in the Malaysian bar...

Demand for democracy follows socio-economic transformation

The 9 July ‘Walk for Democracy’ may have buried the ghost of May 13 once and for all, observes Francis Loh.Many researchers of...

What if the PM had proclaimed ‘Democratising Malaysia’ a GTP or an NKRA?

Francis Loh looks back and wonders if tens of thousands of Malaysians would have marched in KL on 9 July 2011 had PM Najib...

Twitter Revolutions?

The demand for democratic change has been amplified using social media tools, but Josephine De Costa maintains that true political change is still brought...

Clean wordspin

A poem dedicated to Ambiga Sreenevasan by Cecil Rajendra.Now, who can argue about the state of being ‘CLEAN’?Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t everybody for clean teeth feet, armpits, shirts, panties, habits,...

Jeyakumar: An enabler, not a subverter

Imagine, MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj arrested, released, detained without trial and then released again and now having to face charges. How can it be?...

Countering the anti-Bersih talk

Around the time of the Bersih rally on 9 July, Malaysians had to contend with anti-Bersih talk, leaving Azmil Tayeb bewildered as to how...

1Malaysia: Bersih succeeds where Putrajaya fails

An initially hesitant Yuganeshwaran Muthumaniam got caught up in the excitement on the streets, where he noted that Bersih 2.0 had succeeded in uniting...

Aliran Monthly 31: 7 editor’s note

Boy, oh boy, this has been an exciting, eventful month, and we are still feeling the after-shocks from the Bersih 2.0 ‘quake’, which captured...

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