Arbitrary arrests, false charges against PSM activists

Over five dozen civil society groups endorsed a memorandum addressed to the Chief Police Officer in Penang to protest against the ludicrous allegations levelled...

Concerned Malaysians speak up

A look back at the vocal reaction by individuals and groups that followed the government's attempt to crack down on the Bersih rally.Ex-Suhakam...

Bersih 2.0’s just demands

Bersih 2.0’s goal is simple, which is to help install a system of elections that is beyond reproach and whose outcomes are unchallengeable, writes...

Malaysia’s electoral system

Francis Loh reminds us of the unlevel electoral playing field and the Election Commission’s loss of autonomy.Malaysians are well aware of the unlevel...

It is a tough time for us

Rani Rasiah recalls how reason, logic and decency were thrown out of the window and the wildest of fabrications were woven to frighten Malaysians....

Academic consensus on unfair elections

Lim Teck Ghee reinforces the case for electoral reforms, pointing to an academic consensus of the glaring shortcomings in the system.Many Malaysians may...

Ambiga Sreenevasan: International Woman of Courage awardee 2009

The text of Ambiga Sreenevasan's speech when she received the award.US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Our final speaker, Ambiga Sreenevasan, has a...

What is this country coming to?

Will the rakyat be able to survive the power of the police - and that of the State, wonders Kee Thuan Chye.What is...

Who’s scaring the ‘rakyat’?

In all the furore over a peaceful rally for clean, free and fair elections, Malaysians must carefully separate the wheat from the chaff, observes...

Malaysia: A police state

Tommy Thomas is concerned that we are sliding into a Police State with no place for the Rule of Law.Death threats. Bomb threats....

Aliran Monthly 31: 6 editor’s note

The Bersih 2.0 gathering on 9 July and the crackdown that preceded it captures our attention in this issue. Bersih is, of course, a...

Why the sledge-hammer?

It looks like if they don’t get you under one law, they will get you under another law. That seems to be the case...

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