Beyond the rhetoric: Do we really dare face the reality of political corruption?

Once upon a time, tears welled in Dr Mahathir’s eyes at the Umno general assembly when he warned party members to stay clear of...

Kit Siang writes – as a Form Three pupil in 1957

Rummaging through some old boxes, the veteran opposition politician Lim Kit Siang came across an editorial which he wrote for his Form Three class...

Domestic workers – human beings not commodities

The application of labour laws and acceptance of workers’ rights for domestic workers would clarify the employment relationship between domestic workers and employers, writes...

Along Sega: We claim this area as our forest

The late Along Sega, who became world famous as an outspoken leader of the Penan’s struggle against the logging companies in the Upper Limban...

The project for a new Arab century

The birth pangs of a new Middle East are being felt, but not in the way many outsiders envisioned, writes Mohammed KhanNo sooner did...

In the end, consistency wins the day

The rakyat look up to Kit because of his principles - principles that they can respect, trust and emulate, writes Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.After...

Tunisia: The tragic life of a street vendor

Al Jazeera travels to the birthplace of Tunisia's uprising and speaks to Mohamed Bouazizi's family. Report by Yasmine Ryan.A town not previously recognised...

Aliran Monthly 31: 2 editor’s note

In our cover story, Kua Kia Soong shines a spotlight into the murky world of arms spending in Malaysia, a subject rarely discussed in...

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