A compromised judiciary

Martin Jalleh reports on a year when the judiciary sank so low that it shamelessly allowed itself to be intimidated, its independence and impartiality...

MACC stumbled, struggled and strangulated itself

Its chief wanted Malaysians to believe that the anti-corruption body is “independent, transparent and professional”. Yet, so far, the MACC has failed to convince...

Public confidence in police plummets

Martin Jalleh highlights the 'performance' of the police force in recent times and in the process shows the reasons for the failure of the...

A watchman’s journal

Wong Chin Huat reviews Francis Loh’s book ‘Old vs New Politics in Malaysia’.If a new student of Malaysian politics and society tries to...

Gani’s glaring double standards

The Attorney General has been reduced to a caricature of absurdity, his double standards evident to many, writes Martin Jalleh.In 2010, Gani Patail...

The accused, absurd, arrogant AG

The concept of justice must be grounded on the basic principles of equality, fairness, and rule of law. Has the Attorney General upheld these...

Pathetic and powerless parliament

The worsening crisis of parliamentary democracy has reduced the Prime Minister's much vaunted promise of real change to sheer hype, writes Martin Jalleh.As...

No plastic bags … won’t die-lah!

Are we ready to take on the ‘no plastic bags’ challenge which will spur initiative and creativity to a higher level to save ourselves...

Best bloated bureaucracy!

Even as the country's debt level rises, the bureaucracy remains bloated, bleeding the fiscal budget, observes Martin Jalleh.On 7 November 2010 Deputy PM...

Malpractices, mismanagement and misuse of funds

Mismanagement, 'leakages' and the squandering of public funds have reached alarming levels, says Martin Jalleh.The Auditor-General (A-G)’s Report, which was to be tabled...

Damning diaspora data

Many Malaysians have voted with their feet, as they emigrated to greener pastures, citing affirmative action policies as hindrances to returning to their homeland,...

Najib takes country into a leap of greater losses

The economy drifts along listlessly in the face of scandalous losses suffered by GLCs while mismanagement, ‘leakages’ and the squandering of public funds have...

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