“America no good; Russia good!”

Why have the Taliban been able to “rise from the ashes” and engulf Afghanistan again? Bonojit Hussain visits Kabul to find out for himself....

The other side of Zunar: A personal note

Up close and personal, Zunar is just a human being - funny, fond of food, humble and friendly, observes Soon Chuan Yean. So why...

From the NEP to the NEM

Tracing the evolution of the New Economic Policy into the New Economic Model, Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj presents a  critique of Malaysian economic policy plus...

Is BN guilty of criminal negligence?

The BN has failed to explain the Constitution and the so-called Social Contract to the people, says Hishamuddin Yahaya.Are our efforts to foster...

A critique of the Selangor FOI Bill

Freedom of Information must mean exactly that: information must be freely available. Regrettably, the Selangor FOI Bill leaves much to be desired, concludes Sarajun...

Freedom of information: A basic right

The widest consultation is necessary to ensure the FOI Act lives up to the expectations of the rakyat, says Anil Netto.One of the...

Bring back the old, truly Malaysian, days

1Malaysia is empty because it is propagated by a government supported by a racially-based party system that is the chief cause of our inability...

Love God or fear God?

It is love which completely transforms even a most evil character, observes Asghar Ali Engineer.There are two different approaches to worship God for...

Aliran Monthly 30: 9 editor’s note

First Selangor and now Penang. Both these states are blazing the trail by being the first two to table Freedom of Information Bills in...

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