Penang’s red letter day for democracy

The little ceremonial institution of our very own Speakers’ Square is the first step of a long journey on the road to democracy and...

Climate warming: the present Original Sin?

The religions of the world can work to counteract human action that generates undesirable climate warming by Tissa Balasuriya.  The concept of original sin,...

Komtar’s international community marketplace

Visitors to Penang should experience first hand the vibrancy of a beautiful Southeast Asian community market place at Komtar, suggests Angeline Loh.It was around...

Joy rides on the house

Our Thinking Allowed column looks at 'lawatan sambil belajar', political frogs, buy-elections and 1Malaysia. Enjoy!   A classmate of mine always maintains that among professionals,...

Reflections on the Sibu by-election

Ngu Ik Tien interviews a couple of Sarawakians on the implications of the Pakatan's upset victory over the BN in the Sibu by-election on...

The battle for Thailand

Thailand is still stunned by the military assault on the Red Shirt encampment in the tourist centre of the capital city...

“You help me, I help you”

The Election Commission and MACC should take action against Najib Razak for his blatant attempt at vote-buying on the Sibu by-election eve....

Aliran Monthly editor’s note 30: 4

Bring back local council elections! That’s the theme of Tan Pek Leng’s cover story exploring the quest to reclaim our democracy. If the Local...

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