Can ‘Allah’ be monopolised by any community?

Public intellectuals must raise the voice of reason and take a public stand on this issue even risking their own reputations or careers, says...

Breaking the knot

Our light-hearted Thinking Allowed column looks at cohabitation, the feudal mentality and the shrinking roti canai.Breaking the knot With cohabitation among couples becoming a...

Jaundiced judiciary

There has been no shortage of court jesters in the all-year-round judicial circus, observes Martin Jalleh. In 2009, the judiciary allowed her courts (supposed...

Police come under the spotlight

Put up tent cannot, gather cannot, wear black cannot, hold candles cannot, drink teh tarik also cannot. No wonder the cops have come under...

The “saint” of Sentul

Yeoh Seng Guan pays tribute to an inspiration for many activists, James Arunasalam (1939-2010), the “saint” of Sentul, who passed away recently. James had...

Moving forwards or backwards?

That’s the question Martin Jalleh ponders over as he looks back over the last year. It has been a period of fanciful slogans and...

“The most corrupt institution in the country”

Umno is rotten to the core; it is rotten from its lowest level to the highest, observes Martin Jalleh, echoing the sentiments of many...

Of the Opposition, obstacles, opportunity and oblivion!

The public has increasingly perceived the fledging PR to be a “fragile”, “feuding”, “fraying” and “faltering” coalition – one that was “not on a...

Stagnant, shaky and startling economy

Malaysia’s economy has been stagnating for the past decade in the wake of the 1998 Asian financial crisis, observes Martin Jalleh.2009 was a year...

Aliran Monthly 29:11/12 editor’s note

Is Malaysia moving forward or backwards. That’s the question Martin Jalleh ponders over as he looks back over the last year. It has been...

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