Malaysia – A lost democracy?

We have failed miserably in dealing with complex issues of society by resorting to a political culture of promoting fear and division amongst the...

Indian Malaysians deserting Pakatan?

Malaysians have indeed awakened. Indian Malaysians, for instance, voted in droves for the opposition in the last general election. It is time to tackle...

Kia-su boh kia-si o! (Afraid to lose face, not afraid to die!)

On a more mundane level, Stoplookgo reflects on the afraid-to-lose-face, not-afraid-to-die Malaysian motorists and their reckless driving.This Penang Hokkien phrase comes to mind wherever...

Rays of hope

While political issues grab our attention, but Kam U Tee says the economic turmoil offers an opportunity to develop a multi-pronged energy strategy, which...

BN after Kuala Terengganu: To reform or not to reform?

As  the Umno general assembly approaches, Anil Netto suggests that the ruling coalition knows what it needs to do to survive: it has to...

The carnage in Gaza

The quest for an independent Palestinian state must not be derailed by Israel and the US.  History must record that the world has responded...

Why we cannot be confused by history

We cannot sit on the fence when people in Gaza are being murdered before our very eyes, asserts Farish Noor; we have to do...

Aliran Monthly 28:11 editor’s note

In our cover story, Anil Netto looks at life after the Kuala Terengganu by-election for the BN. The ruling coalition knows what it needs...

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