Yoga? I remember ‘mandi safar’

Mandi safar to us non-Malays meant a licence from our parents to play in the river because we were taken care of by the...

ISA: A death blow to organised labour

Workers were made destitute and the dignity of labour trampled upon by ISA detentions and oppressive labour laws, recalls Sai N S Wigneswaran. Aliran...

The Labour Party of Malaya, 1952–1972

The rise and demise of the Labour Party of Malaya was an important experience of socialist politics in Malaysia.  Mistakes were made and many...

Driven to serve

The late Dr M K Rajakumar’s life was driven by service to others without regard to what he might gain in return, observes Dr...

Remembering Dr M K Rajakumar

I still remember the late Dr M K Rajakumar's message the day before I was smuggled out of the country: “Hamid, have faith in...

A doctor who cared not for reward, only truth and justice

The late Dr M K Rajakumar was a great man in a tumultuous era in Malaysian history. Unfortunately, he lived in an era that...

Dr M K Rajakumar: A man of the people (1932-2008)

His mission was to serve the people – be it as a politician, a physician, a person. This selfless dedication stemmed from the socialist...

A life devoted to his fellow human beings

The late Dr M K Rajakumar was an outstanding human being who left his mark on the history of our people’s struggle for a...

The passing of a mighty man

It was because men like the late Dr M K Rajakumar kept the opposition flame of high ideals burning even through the darkest hours...

A passionate commitment to equity and social justice

The abolition  of the ISA will be the most meaningful tribute to the late Dr M K Rajakumar and other ISA detainees, past and...

A great man, a great friend

The late Dr M K Rajakumar deserves to be regarded as the best role model for Malaysians, especially the youths of today, says Syed...

The long 2008

Who could have imagined the election results of March 2008! Khoo Boo Teik looks back at a long year and reminds us that we...

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