The helpless remain hunted despite PR election gains

So far, the opposition have held out little hope for migrant workers and refugees, observes Angeline Loh.theSun daily, in a report on 4 July,...

A wish list too far?

The current attitude of ‘charity’ or ‘welfare’ towards indigenous rights should be discarded in favour of  social justice, equality and reconciliation for past injustices,...

The BN/PR challenge

 If our politicians’ goal is to ensure justice for all, then they must use power to ensure that this objective is met in the...

Let right be done

It is never too late for right to be done and for the truth to be told, says Ambiga Sreenevasan, in launching the report...

JBJ – His indomitable spirit lives on

His victory was that in his resistance he never lost his dignity, his faith in democracy and the love of his people, says Sinapan...

What a fighter!

J B Jeyaretnam inspired an entire generation of Singaporeans and they will keep the fight going, says Chee Soon Juan. I visited...

People power shines through candlelight vigils

Despite the harsh action of the police at the 9 November vigil in PJ, the struggle to abolish the ISA will continue, writes Anil...

Aliran Monthly 28: 8 editor’s note

In our cover story, Anil Netto takes a close look at the ongoing candlelights vigils where ordinary rakyat have been coming out to express...

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