Working their way to the grave

Pensioners who had served with devotion and dedication deserve to be treated better, instead of having to live just around the poverty line, says...

Malaysian citizens have every right to discuss

Sisters in Islam (SIS) strongly protests the extreme actions by Muslim NGOs and political parties in halting the Bar Council Forum on “Conversion to...

To find just and meaningful solutions

The Bar Council is not questioning the provisions of Article 121(1A), which confer Syariah jurisdiction over Muslims on the Syariah Courts. Its  concern...

Yet more turmoil in Malaysia

It is ten years ago since the birth of reformasi on 20 September 1998. Once again, Anwar is due to appear in court -...

The Great Debate?

Dodging questions and launching personal attacks are not the hallmarks of a great debater. Wong Soak Koon  looks back and reflects on the great...

A second prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim?

As Anwar faces a fresh charge of sodomy, Tommy Thomas discusses the implications of the second prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim.Before the powers that be...

The all-new digital edition of Aliran Monthly

 Check out the all-new digital version of Aliran Monthly. We are providing the inaugural edition free to all readers in conjunction with the Permatang...

Permatang Pauh and beyond

Barring massive electoral fraud, Anwar is one by-election and two weeks short of returning to Parliament. When he does, he’d be the Opposition Leader...

Aliran Monthly 28: 6 editor’s note

In our cover story, Khoo Boo Teik discusses the significance of three recent elections involving small towns and goes on to the suggest that...

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