Great leader and statesman

The Tunku was self-evidently a fine man and a great Prime Minister, says Boyd McCleary.At the outset I wish to take this opportunity to...

Late bloomer with great timing

On two notable occasions, Tunku demonstrated his respect for and upheld the concept of the separation of powers in government, observes Justice Dato James...

A cartoon lesson in history

(Click image to enlarge)Tiang Wei reports on the launch of a cartoon people's history book of Malaya, “Where Monsoons Meet”. History has never been...

A comic history that’s no joke

'Where Monsoons meet: A people's history of Malaya' provides a different perspective because it foregrounds the role of economic exploitation in the shaping of...

Power tariff hike: Unjust and unfair

TNB’s huge profits for the last few years suggest that the government is going all out to protect the interests of big corporations,...

Discard neo-liberal ideology

The rakyat are now suffering under the burden of neo-liberal economic ideology, which Wong Kok Keong says has done more harm than good.  Since...

The “Badawied” political transition

 Johan Saravanamuttu discusses the “Badawied” political transition, during which neither Abdullah Badawi nor Mahathir realised that the rakyat have tired of racial politics.  A...

Conquering and vulnerable: Anwar’s predicament and ours

Khoo Book Teik looks at how Anwar has come to personify many dissident, even conflicting tendencies. His two different images - that of a...

Anwar Ibrahim and the experience of defeat

In an earlier piece, Khoo Boo Teik looks at Anwar’s earlier experience of defeat and analyses the different phases of his public life. Anwar’s...

Like a star: Zaitun “Toni” Kassim 1966-2008

With her sparkle, wit, boundless energy, compassion and principled stand on human rights, Toni appeared like a star across the sky and a song...

Aliran Monthly 28: 5 editor’s note

In our cover story, Khoo Boo Teik looks at how Anwar has come to personify many dissident, even conflicting tendencies. His two...

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