Improve the public health care system

Malaysians want a government that lives up to its responsibility of ensuring that all citizens and other residents of Malaysia have equitable access to safe, adequate...

Local plans needed

Widespread opposition and unhappiness about the PGCC has been a feature of the election campaign in Penang. At the massive 60,000-strong rally at theHan...

Restore local council elections

One of the major election issues this time around has been the demand for the restoration of local council elections. Local  councils have become...

Minimum wage and Cola now!

The government has awarded hefty pay hikes to civil servants, but private sector workers have been forgotten, say Syed Shahir bin Syed Mohamud and G...

The Justice system

As you go out to vote, think of the justice system in Malaysia, urges our special correspondent Pro-justice.The way justice and legal systems function in...

A thinking voter’s checklist

 Not sure which party to vote for? Let us reflect on a few crucial issues. This time, when the general election comes, many of...

Is the BN

Is our current model of economic development sustainable in the long-run, wonders Anil Netto. What will happen when our oil wells dry up? What has been...

Are our priorities right?

We spent a cool RM20 million for a Malaysian to hitch a ride in a Russian space taxi.  Our space hero is busy running...

How will Keadilan fare?

 Anwar at a ceramah in Kelantan on 8 February 2008With Pas and the DAP expected to make gains, all eyes are on how...

You owe your goodies to the Opposition

If it was not for the Opposition, there would be no goodies or development for the people, says P Ramakrishnan. Where there were no contests when...

Vote for democracy! Vote for a stronger opposition!

The 12th General Election is crucial for Malaysians. It will set the direction for the nation and will determine the status of democracy in this country....

Undilah untuk demokrasi! Undilah untuk mendapatkan pembangkang yang lebih kuat!

Kita tidak perlukan kerajaan yang kuat. Kita perlukan kerajaan yang adil, kata P Ramakrishnan. Pilihanraya ke12 ini adalah saat genting bagi rakyat Malaysia. Ianya akan menentukan halatuju...

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