30 years of Aliran: An unending journey

A moment comes in the history of a nation when its citizens are asked to bear testimony to their belief in justice and truth....

Aliran turns 30: A heart-warming celebration of justice

It was all so different from the official Merdeka celebrations, monopolised and dominated by  members of the ruling coalition, recalls Anil Netto, of a...

Tun Ismail: Autocrat or democrat?

Did Tun Ismail preside over a golden age of democracy and liberalism? An Aliran Monthly reader finds Johan Saravanamuttu's review of Ooi Kee Beng’s...

Dog-catching competition scrapped: The inside story

Hecklers disrupted an animal lovers meeting with the Selayang Council over a controversial dog-catching competitition, reports Cleopatrathelabrador. For the full article, click here.

A really Burok shooting

In the Batu Burok gathering, why did the plainclothes policeman not fire into the air - even if it is true he was being...

The time has come for us to act decisively

We have a duty to ourselves as Malaysians, and to civilised society, to say loudly that: enough is enough, says Ambiga Sreenevasan. For the...

Politics of disappearance

Yeo Yang Poh warns us that ‘the politics of disappearance’ - the gradual disappearance of societal pillars such as justice, fairness, democracy and accountability...

Redeem the judiciary: Appoint Royal Commission of Inquiry

If we love justice, honour the rule of law; if fairness and truth means anything to us; then we must pay heed to the...

Aliran Monthly 27: 7 editor’s note

What are we focusing on in this issue? Correct! Correct! Correct! It’s the explosive Lingam video clip and the impact it has had on...

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