Payback time

Enough has been taken away from the Orang Asli, observes Yogeswaran Subramaniam, and it is now time to give a little back to them....

Oil and gas windfalls: Malaysia

Our oil and gas resources are rapidly depleting. Enough has been wasted and Tony Pua urges the government to invest now in the country’s...

An unfinished but inspiring journey

In the long and winding road towards justice and freedom, civil society has shown remarkable resilience growing from strength to strength, says P Ramakrishnan,...

Civil service: Improving the delivery system

Tired of the long waits and the "tutup" counters? It's time to improve the image of the civil service? Here are some useful tips.Select...

Significant bumi gains

Should politicians continue harping on the NEP? Koon Yew Yin points out that the Malays have made their presence felt in the professions and...

Carnival of joy

Angeline Loh serendipitously stumbles on a festival of games for refugee children that  turns out to be the closest thing to peace on earth...

Judiciary in a real mess

To say that the Malaysian judiciary is in a real mess may indeed be an understatement.  The cancer of corruption, ineptness and laziness has...

Abuse, misuse of police powers

Organisers of an inter-faith forum on water filed a formal complaint with Suhakam on the conduct of the Special Branch based in Dang Wangi...

Merdeka: United for water

Representatives of the main religious groups in Malaysia came together and sign a joint declaration that reiterates that water is God's gift to the...

In the name of Merdeka!

Merdeka survivor Hamid Ibrahim, who witnessed the lowering of the Union Jack at the Selangor Padang, urges Malaysians to remember the very foundations on...

Aliran Monthly 27: 6 editor’s note

In our cover story, Zaharom Nain explores the world of blogging in Malaysia. Bloggers are providing a real alternative to the mainstream media and...

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