What is wrong with the NEP?

The most indisputable fact is that we were once at par with Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea in 1970 when the NEP...

Roll on those lazy, crazy, hazy days

These are dark days indeed, literally speaking. Wong Soak Koon pines for the days not-so-long ago that were not so crazy and hazy. Over...

Rela and Malaysia’s invisible war

The volunteer corps' crackdown on undocumented foreigners is not a war on terror; it is a war on defenceless migrants, observes Romany. Like George...

Chin asylum seekers detained in Rela raid

Persecuted and tortured at home in Burma, Chin refugees in Malaysia are at constant risk of harassment, arrest, detention and deportation, writes Amy Alexander.Early...

A season of odd and silly events

Francis Loh looks at the silly season in Malaysia, full of odd events such as the Mahathir-Abdullah spat and the Zakaria (pic) mansion fiasco....

Malaysia a police state? Is Mahathir serious?

It was Mahathir himself who laid the foundations to the ‘police state’ he himself bemoans today, points out Farish Noor.For the full article, click...

Whither democracy?

Thais may accept military rule for short-term stability after the excesses of the authoritarian former premier Thaksin, who was toppled by a military coup...

Victory of unreason over reason

The retraction of the Asli report was a major setback for the national mission to create a “first class mentality”, says Lim Kit Siang....

An honourable resignation

The signal from the top seems to be that dissent is not to be tolerated and honest pursuit of knowledge discouraged, observes Toh Kin...

Malaysia-US FTA negotiations hit turbulence

The fourth round of negotiations for a US-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement is currently in progress in San Francisco, but Malaysians have no idea what...

Aliran Monthly 26: 9 editor’s note

In our cover story, Francis Loh looks at the silly season in Malaysia that is full of odd events such as the Mahathir-Abdullah spat,...

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