What the Name Means   

Aliran in our national language means 'flow' or 'trend'. When it means 'flow', it is often used in connection with water. If it is used as 'trend', it is almost always linked to thought, ideas, ideology.  

The relevance of the latter meaning to Aliran's work is obvious. Aliran represents a consciousness trend, a certain trend in thinking, in ideas. This is underscored by the use of the 'kesedaran' (consciousness) after 'Aliran'.  
However, even the first meaning has significance for Aliran. The flow of Aliran ideas is like the flow of water. Water is where life originated. It is the source of life itself. As an element, it has tremendous importance in every one of the great spiritual traditions. Water is soft, it is gentle, and yet, it is water that erodes stones and rocks.   

It is the flow of ideas that will eventually overcome the boulders of oppression.

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