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Cover story: Postmortem of the 1988 judicial crisis

Aliran Monthly, Vol 25 (2005): Issue 3

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am cover Datuk George Seah recaptures the judicial crisis of 1988 and raises important questions: Did Tan Sri Haidar Mohd Noor commit contempt of court in not carrying out the order of the Supreme Court? Did the Acting Lord President, Tan Sri Hamid Omar, interfere and countermand the order of the Supreme Court?

Abuse of power continues until today. K George reminds us that for all the talk, the Abdullah administration has not lived up to its promise in wiping out corruption. One disabled pensioner, N Sarangabani, shares his traumatic experience when police barged into his home in a futile search for drugs. One way to restore accountability, at least at the local level, is to revive local council elections, says Karpal Singh.

But corporate interests and the whole privatisation scheme still hold sway. PAN AP raises the alarm over government plans to review the ban on paraquat while Koon Yew Yin argues that there is no justification for the privatised RM6 billion Pahang-Selangor water transfer project.

New links, however, are definitely needed to bridge societal faultlines. Johan Abdullah urges Muslims to rethink their opposition to the Interfaith Commission of Malaysia. Wong Soak Koon reviews the acclaimed award-winning Malaysian movie, Sepet, which broke new ground in portraying the reality of our plural society. Aguswandi reports on misplaced apprehension in Aceh about Islam and the Acehnese’s perception of foreigners. We also carry three reports critically examining the legacy of Pope John Paul II, who spent his life building bridges.

A global environmental crisis is unfolding before our very eyes, warns Angeline Loh, in a timely piece, while our back cover story focuses on the furore surrouding the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of the Iraq war, as World Bank head.

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