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Everything for the Truth

He has sacrificed his job and the family's comfort in the struggle to uphold truth

I am Zumrah bt Husni, wife of Ustaz Dr Badrul Amin, a former Assistant Professor in the Law Faculty of the International Islamic University (UIA), Gombak, for 16 years.

Badrul was detained on 20 April 2001 at 2 am under the ISA on the grounds that he was a threat to national security.

I had anticipated his arrest because, a week earlier, my motherís house in Sabak Bernam was raided by several plainclothes police personnel who were looking for him.

Before I was allowed to meet him on 4 May, all sorts of questions played through my mind. I was especially concerned over his safety and health as I had heard terrible things from former detainees about their ISA experiences.

On 28 May, I was allowed to meet him again. He was unable to tell me anything except that he was in good condition. I understood his situation though it made me feel somewhat under pressure.

Bound for Kamunting

He was sent to the Kamunting Detention Centre in the middle of the night of 13 June. His habeas corpus case was supposed to have been heard the next morning, Thursday, 14 June at the Shah Alam High Court. I was informed of this by lawyer Sivarasa that morning.

Sure, I was disappointed as I was not informed about his transfer beforehand. At 2.30 pm, an officer on duty at the Kamunting Detention Centre informed me that Badrul was already there and had arrived at 3.00 am. It was only at 3.30 pm that I received a call from a police officer informing me that he had been sent to Kamunting.

What was more disappointing was that the five reasons given for sending him to Kamunting had no connection whatsoever with the allegations hurled by the Inspector General of Police and the local media. They had no evidence to prove any offence.

badrulUstaz Dr Badrul Amin is well known in Malaysia. Throughout his involvement in missionary work, he was involved in many programmes directly and indirectly. He is a community activist who exhorts believers and the community to do good. His missionary approach was very effective especially among students, teenagers and the youth. Whatís more, he was facilitator for youth and teenage programmes under the auspices of the Youth and Sports Ministry, then headed by Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin.

Throughout the 16 years of our marriage, he has never complained about his work. He has displayed firm commitment to the Islamic call to prevent sin and to uphold the truth.

Datoí Seri Anwar Ibrahimís sacking changed everything. Badrul, who had completed a BA in Shariah at the Al-Azhar University, an MA in Comparative Law at Kent University, England, and a PhD in Islamic Constitutional Law at Birmingham University, was so disappointed with our legal system that he left his comfortable UIA job to go down to the ground. Explaining the truth about an Islamic legal system was very important to him.

I have never regretted the path he has taken. As he has said, he couldnít remain quiet as he knew the law and did not want his conscience to be pricked. I am proud of his stand.

Although he was busy with programmes throughout the country, he has never neglected his duty as a caring and patient husband and father. The little time he had was used to interact with the children and to help me with household chores. He never hesitated to share his thoughts with anyone because, in principle, he felt obliged to impart knowledge to the ignorant.

He has sacrificed his job and the familyís comfort in the struggle to uphold truth. I am confident he will be resilient and strong in facing these trying moments. With support from family and friends and prayers from everyone, I believe what has happened is a trial from Allah for us to continue struggling with faith and obedience to His will.

Salam Reformasi
Abolish the ISA