Malaysia’s 7th PM? (Aliran Monthly 32:11 editor’s note)


Could we see a new government – and a new prime minister – in Putrajaya after the coming general election? Aliran Monthly’s latest cover story explores the issue.

Anwar Ibrahim

As a much-anticipated general election approaches, Tommy Thomas asserts that it is time for a new government. The Pakatan’s performance in five states shows that it is has been fairer and cleaner, he says.

Umno itself, now in the twilight of its rule, appears like a drowning man clutching at straws to save his life, observes Hishamuddin Yahaya. One issue that has eroded its credibility is the way it has handled the opposition to the Lynas rare earth refinery. Given all the uncertainties surrounding the plan, can we take the risk and turn several thousands of Kuantan residents into guinea pigs, wonders Jeyakumar Devaraj.

Angeline Loh looks back at 2011 as a year of institutionalised violence, for which the State and its machinery must be held accountable. Indeed, driven by desperation, the BN is capable of doing anything to retain power, including creating a bogeyman out of neighbouring Indonesia, says Azmil Tayeb.

P Ramakrishnan, however, warns the ruling coalition not to bribe voters with the people’s own money and urges the government not to politicise the Allah controversy. Indeed, religion has been cynically manipulated to serve political interests. Mustafa K Anuar reviews a book discussing whether the country has succeeded in its attempt at multiculturalism in the larger context of the politics of divide-and-rule.

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At the end of the day, Malaysians must make a stand – and that includes doctors, who must speak out to openly challenge decisions that have an adverse effect on the people, says Ronald McCoy.

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Jackal and Hide

There is no longer any place for a dictatorship in these times. Iron clam rule like Mahathir’s UMNO demonstrates how less creative and innovative they are that they really cannot compete in a freer system. Mahathir is a personality problem. He’s squirming right now. … He can’t see a doctor because he’ll be exposed as a quack!