Clean wordspin


A poem dedicated to Ambiga Sreenevasan by Cecil Rajendra.

Now, who
can argue
about the state
of being ‘CLEAN’?

Correct me
if I’m wrong,
but isn’t
for clean teeth
feet, armpits,
shirts, panties,
habits, toilets
rolls & elections?

But no! Some say
means dirty
only advocated
by scum with
a hidden agenda.

And so, holding
a CLEAN rally
in Stadium Merdeka
would tarnish its
history & integrity.

For CLEAN is Communist
subversive, unpatriotic
& against the Constitution.

CLEAN must be locked-up
hosed-down, tear-gassed
& beaten into submission.

Mark this day, Ambi
Saturday 9th July
year Twenty-Eleven …
On this day in history
the ruling party began
to rewrite our dictionary!

– Cecil Rajendra –

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  1. UMNO/BN has revealed itself as a political party that models its propaganda on the old school communists. In fact they try to outdo the communists all the time and still insist they are against communists. Truly this emperor has no clothes!


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