Lim Kit Siang: The legend


Kit’s indomitable spirit has turned him into an institution that has survived six Malaysian Prime Ministers, writes P Ramakrishnan.

YB Lim Kit Siang is no ordinary Malaysian; he is a legend. His public involvement spans over 40 years – a period covering the tenure of six Malaysian Prime Ministers – from the first to the present sixth PM. And he will certainly be there, I’m sure, when a new seventh PM takes over after the 13th General Election!

This is a record that will not be matched or surpassed by any Malaysian. If he was from Umno, this feat would have gone into the Malaysian Book of records.

There would have been many grand celebrations to mark this occasion to claim this record as their own.

Fortunately, it will not be so! But, nonetheless, history will record this as an extraordinary and exceptional achievement, to be envied and admired. Kit Siang is an enduring and durable parliamentarian. In fact, he is an institution.

His indomitable spirit and fighting qualities have contributed to a large extent in preserving our democracy and what is left of our freedom. Without this man, things would have been very different for all of us. A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination – that’s what Nelson Mandela said. Kit Siang has a good head and a good heart. That’s why he is such a formidable politician.

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Sometimes you wonder whether his day has more than 24 hours! He seems to have all the time in the world to respond to every challenge on a daily basis, refute every silly utterance, rebut what is wrong, rebuff what is unfair, rebuke misdeeds and corrupt practices, reprove unethical conduct and discriminatory policies – and much more.

He had defended victims of human rights violations ferociously and condemned police brutality without mincing his words and paid the price for exposing corruption and highlighting abuse of power. He has been in the forefront of every issue that mattered.

The authorities deprived him of three years of his precious freedom by locking him up in Kamunting on two different occasions but they never quelled the brave heart that kept on fighting for justice. He never compromised, he never wavered. He stayed the course faithfully and never betrayed his cause or his calling. He continues to be a tireless, relentless and fearless champion of democracy.

It is our earnest wish and hope that he may live long enough to celebrate many more birthdays because there are many more battles to be fought and many more victories to be won until we reach the ultimate dream of a fair and equitable life for all our citizens irrespective of race, colour and creed.

Happy Birthday, Kit Siang!

P Ramakrishnan is president of Aliran.

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P Ramakrishnan
P Ramakrishan, the long-serving former president of Aliran who served three and a half decades on our executive committee, has been with Aliran since its inception in 1977. Now an ordinary Aliran member, he continues to highlight issues of public interest to a larger audience.


  1. It horrified me to witness the UMNO-BN Victors giving press statements already , declaring new political strategies to capture more Political seats in the next PR14 & persistent accusations of one community of denying them of a 2/3 parliamentary majority ! ! THey should be taking serious consideration of the loud crys for dignified , transparent & corruption intolerant goverment from 53% of the total Malaysian voters in this PR13 results.
    UMNO – BN is in DENIAL of the new generation of MALAYSIAN voters of all races` strong message that , ” NO , we don`t need UMNO – BN ‘s racial politics to divide Malaysians and all Malaysians are united in our insistence for an accountable & extremist -free , governing federal administartion that represent all communities, regardless.
    After all, History declared that , the honorable Malays , the resilient Chinese & the dignified Inians fought TOGETHER to give our beloved Malaysia ,ultimate independence !
    Malaysia belongs to us all !!
    Our Malaysian ancestors have fought for the rights for all Malaysians to be Prince of the Malaysian Soil ! – Boon Huat

  2. The Malaysian sun will dim when HonorableYB Uncle Lim calls it a day from his selfless & dedication to a Malaysian Malaysia political life. Thank You Dear Uncle Lim, You are our political Father & GandMentor. Boon

  3. I simply admire his resolve against all adversities, I too would like to know the secrets to staying strong willed against all those odds stacked against him!!
    U are the greatest!!

  4. YB Happy Birthday and many happy return of the day . We will pray for your good health . We sincerely thanks god for bringing you here today to fight for justice . God bless you !

  5. Malaysia must thank God/Allah for his this man , no title (TUN etc) is worth close to his real love and sacrifice for his country, he stood firm in the name of justice when the corrupt and powerful wage their deceitful political war in form of torture and imprisonment under the ISA. Those scum arent even worthy of washing your feet when judgement day comes!!!

  6. Happy Birthday,Uncle Lim. You are the greatest politician in Malaysia. Without you we would not know how much all the citizens were marginalise by the our government. You are a great hero in Malaysia.

  7. One of Allah’s greatest gifts to Malaysians – YB Lim Kit Siang, an undisputed true Malaysian patriot. Forty five long years of public service filled with countless trials and tribulations; and still going strong. What a towering Malaysian! Allah bless you, YB Kit.

  8. I certainly join in celebrating Kit Siang’s birthday. I still have a copy of his Operation Lallang book (bought by my own late father) where his fight for justice and truth is on record. Anyone who dares to challenge Kit Siang must be prepared to deny these records of accomplishments with equally impressive facts. Knowing the situation in this country, the only ones who will try will be from UMNO/BN and what they have are only records of lies and deceit.


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