Let the ripple effect take place: Act now!


We need to enlarge the pool of subscribers so that Aliran Monthly can continue to reach out far and wide. For this we need your help.

Aliran members and volunteers slotting the magazines into envelopes for maling out to subscribers

Dear Aliran Monthly readers,

We announced in our last Aliran Monthly that with effect from this issue of the AM, our magazine will not be available at the usual retail outlets on the street. We have explained why this change is necessary.

Aliran Monthly will now be available to subscribers only.

We need to enlarge the pool of subscribers so that the AM can continue to reach out far and wide. For this we need your help.

If each of you can bring in just one subscriber, the total number of our subscribers would automatically double. This would compensate for the loss of income from street sales. Besides that, more and more readers will be in touch with what we publish and comment.

We all crave for change but change can only come when we do something about it. Change cannot take place on its own. We need to facilitate the process for change to come.

Spreading information and highlighting abuses and excesses, exposing misuse of authority and blatant corruption, making people aware of human rights violations and the continued deaths in police custody will make people sit up and take stock of what is happening in our country.

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That is why Aliran Monthly must reach out. When each of you brings in a subscriber, you create a ripple effect. The new subscribers will take it on themselves to bring other subscribers, thus creating multiple ripples. It is these ripples which will help to bring about change.

Be part of the change and bring in one subscriber. We really need your help to set off this ripple effect. Together we can succeed and together we can create a better society for all of us and for those who come after us.

We look forward to receiving your first new subscriber! Go here to subscribe now.

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