Final issue of Aliran Monthly: What a magnificent 33-year run it has been

The final issue of Aliran Monthly

All good things must come to an end, except in this case the ending of the print magazine opens up a new digital era for Aliran.

The final issue of Aliran Monthly
Aliran Monthly signs off with a colour bumper issue

This is our farewell editor’s note:

It has been 37 years since the formation of Aliran and 33 years since Aliran Monthly (initially Aliran Quarterly) was first published.

During this time, we have challenged the dominant discourses of political, socio-cultural and economic orthodoxies and attempted to be a source of alternative analyses. We have encouraged critical thinking and provided space for ‘thinking allowed’.

Alas, this issue is our final edition. It was only after much soul-searching but also tallying of costs that we came to this painful decision. In this issue, we document the history of the AM and the societal pressures and political constraints within which we had to operate.

We take this opportunity to thank all our contributors who faithfully wrote for us without payment. Thanks to them, we managed to produce a monthly magazine of quality and relevance for over three decades. The secret is that we were driven to do so because you, our faithful readers, have told us that you always found the Monthly informative and educational, and you looked forward to every issue. Thank you!

Every beginning has an ending; however, in this case, our ending opens up a new era. The last part of our final edition looks forward to the digital Aliran. If you are not yet familiar with our website, our facebook, our tweets and our e-newsletters, do look us up and follow us faithfully.

On this auspicious occasion, we invite all readers to join us in the struggle for justice, freedom and solidarity for a better Malaysia.

Share with us your thoughts on Aliran Monthly’s journey over the years.

Thanks for dropping by! The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

Our voluntary writers work hard to keep these articles free for all to read. But we do need funds to support our struggle for Justice, Freedom and Solidarity. To maintain our editorial independence, we do not carry any advertisements; nor do we accept funding from dubious sources. If everyone reading this was to make a donation, our fundraising target for the year would be achieved within a week. So please consider making a donation to Persatuan Aliran Kesedaran Negara, CIMB Bank account number 8004240948.
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Chew Phye Keat
Chew Phye Keat
13 Oct 2014 10.39am

Thank you Aliran for all your great work to help build this nation on the foundation of social justice. We will move on with you in this next phase of your journey.

13 Oct 2014 1.26pm
Reply to  Chew Phye Keat

Thanks to all of you for your kind words. It is readers like you who keep us going.

Ed G
Ed G
12 Oct 2014 5.26pm

‘The man hides in Putrajaya. Justice Mahathir is court shy’, so reads the title of an article published on the back page of an Aliran’s monthly issue. A coloured photograph of the then PM’s newly built imposing mansion, widely called the ‘maligai’, followed the title. This was followed by jibes poked at the then PM Mahathir for failing to keep up with his strong words, which were quoted from the local print media, pertaining to Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy 1 trial. To cut a long story short, the then PM Mahathir failed the test of gallantry by opting not to testify in the trial despite being subpoenaed by the defense team which included the late Karpal Singh. And the myth of the man was broken to the point where ‘all the PM’s stooges, and all the PM’s polishers could not put the PM’s reputation back together again’. The above is an example of a simple yet creative contribution of the Aliran monthly towards enlightening a public that was so deprived of alternative media reporting and commentaries at the time when the electronic media was still at its… Read more »

12 Oct 2014 6.10am

I have reading aliran since my university days back in 1985.This is the only magazine to my knowledge has discussed issues intellectually and fairly in Malaysia.Aliran must be thanked for creating awareness and intellectual thinking among Malaysians.My salute goes to Dr Chandra ,the past president of Aliran, Mr Ramakrishnan,Prof Loh,Saudara Mustafa ,Dr Johan and many others. Aliran has contributed ideas to social science students in helped us to think broadly and understand issues better.Big thank you for all of you.I will continue to look for your online publications.May God bless you all for doing a wonderful job.

12 Oct 2014 5.21pm
Reply to  hari

Thanks for the kind works, hari. Readers like you inspire us to carry on.

11 Oct 2014 12.42pm

Well done and please keep moving forward and never ever give in to the Umno … threats. Just remember you will always be remembered for the fights and the exposures over the course of the years and you are now just moving on with the time. Three hundred cheers from some one who may be far away and has no fear of the intimidations posed by these Umno dorkys and I am sure there must be thousands and millions of people just like that around. Keep going !