Najib: I have delivered


Martin Jalleh looks at Najib’s four years of ‘fine performance’ and outlines what the PM has really delivered.


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semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
20 Mar 2013 2.02pm

They are playing around with stats such as GNP (GDP?) per capita and enormous bugtetted (not disbursed) amounts. The claim that inflation is 1.2% p.a. is also fantastic. In fact, does anyone know anyone who was interviewed on family income? They should publish figures measured at proper intervals, with the sample size, surveying authority and date revealed, to show changes in matters such as
– income inequality (Gini coeficient)
– what bottom 60% of households earn, with a break-up for each 20%. (for which the last available figures given in Parliament were bad).

20 Mar 2013 12.05pm

Najib handed BRIM to the rakyat because he looked upon them as DIM(Donkey 1 Malaysia).

najib manaukau
20 Mar 2013 7.40am

Najib promises to transform the nation ! Is he admitting that there are many deceptions, frauds, corruptions … that were committed by Umno and especially by the leaders and are continuing to be taking every minute of the day. By after more than four years, what kind of transformation has taken place ? Now his wife is telling the world, and supported by the shenanigan Mahathir that she was at a place when the mongolian beauty was blown up as proof she was not involved. … Let us ask her why would the eventual two eventual murderers commit the murder ? They don’t even know the mongolian beauty from Adam or had anything to do with her ? Who would have the power to get from the country’s arsenal the C4 to blow up the woman ? Also who would have the authority to delete the immigration records in Malaysia of the beauty ? Above all nothing, I repeat nothing has been done about it, no enquiries were ever held or conduct to look into the matter as to how all these anomalies ever took place.… Read more »