Thinking Allowed: Banish Ambiga?

Pro-Ambiga takes to task the ‘nerds’ who have been giving Ambiga Sreenevasan a hard time.


Umno-dominated BN has no ethics, morality or good values. It shamelessly uses the government-controlled mainstream media, both print and electronic, to demonise its critics.

Just look at how outstanding leaders have been treated by the government – Zainah Anwar of Sisters in Islam has been demonised for standing up for the rights of Muslim women; Maria Chin Abdullah for fighting for clean and fair elections; Irene Fernandez for fighting for the fair and humane treatment of foreign workers and refugees; now Ambiga demonised and threatened with physical harm and banishment for fighting for clean and fair elections.

Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa, ex-army veterans who did a butt exercise outside her house and pro-Umno NGOs and bloggers have called upon her to leave the country or be banished. These nerds are unfit to lick her boots.

Ambiga is an outstanding woman leader who enjoys a huge following in the country. Can any leader from both sides of the political divide get 250,000 people to support a cause? She has been honoured by America, Britain and France for her outstanding contributions to the nation. The Malaysian people consider Ambiga a gift to the nation. We love her, respect her and salute her.

When I was in London, I came across a graffiti on a wall: “Blackie, go home!” Below it was scribbled this message: “I was born here, you idiot.”

This is the message that Ambiga should send to the nerds who want her out of the country.

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Pro-Ambiga is the pseudonym of an occasional contributor to Thinking Allowed

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30 Jun 2012 8.52am

Ambiga, Marina ,Zainal Anwar,Irene and Maria Chin.
My Dear ladies of TRUE substance .I am honoured to be living during the times that you stood fast.You have stood up against the evil that men do.You will go down in Malaysian history and will be recognised as GREAT MALAYSIAN WOMEN who despite arrogrance and impertinancy against your will to seek freedom and truth ,YOU HAVE PREVAILED.SALUTE YOU

30 Jun 2012 8.16am

The Government must be fair in their administration and the peoples request must be accepted. Dato Ambiga is not a politician. All she is seeking is free and fair election procedures. Is this too much to ask as a citizen for the citizens of this country.

najib manaukau
30 Jun 2012 7.19am

It only shows what the morons are good at, sending them to prison, intimidate them and even worse threaten to hang them.
That is only part of their culture and the only way all Malaysians can do is to kick all of these morons out, not only from parliament , but also from Putrajaya in the coming GE.
Above all have them indicted and send them to prisons and forfeit them pensions, not that that it matters to them for two reasons, one is they would have stashed up enough to last them 100 live times in luxury. Two they would not have the time and opportunities to enjoy the hidden gain when they are in prison.