Aliran Monthly 32: 3 editor’s note


With household debt and federal government debt indicators rising and natural resources being depleted, it cannot be business as usual for the Malaysian economy. In our cover story, Anil Netto says it is time for a radical re-think of the economy.

Aliran Monthly latest coverPart of the problem is that GDP as the main measure of economic performance is misleading and even leads to unsustainable activities, he adds.

In a related piece, Anil interviews Professor Ohashi Masaaki who highlights the importance of local democracy in promoting sustainable development in Japan. For instance, elected city, town and village councils played a key role in preventing Japan’s nuclear power plants from being restarted after the Fukushima disaster.

In our back cover story, Maznah Mohamad looks at the fall from grace of an ‘Umno Angel’ and wonders if in trying to save its body, Umno the party has lost its soul. P Ramakrishnan then takes to task former premier Tun Mahathir for his outrageous statements about the Pakatan administrations in Penang and Selangor of late.

Meanwhile Angeline Loh slams what she describes as the deception shown towards migrant workers who were promised an amnesty only to find the authorities launching crackdowns even before the expiry of the amnesty deadline.

Rounding off this issue, Soon Chuan Yean reviews Amir Muhammad’s book on old Malay movies and finds that ‘reel life’ in those classic flicks often reflected the ‘real life’ settings of that bygone era.

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chan charlie
chan charlie
13 May 2012 7.02pm

our economy is going downhill – all can see- u dont need to an economist or rocket scientist to know>. we r now going low technology with the millions unskilled jokers in our nation- indons- bangladeshi- nepalese- indians 0- burmese – n mid eastern half past six clowns, where r sound n innovative economic policies?/ how did millions immigrants walk into our shores?? how to compete with our progessive neighbors like CHINA- INDIA- SINGAPORE – VIETNAM- INDONESIA – S KOREA. what have malaysia invented+++?? cow gate – MAS gate N PKFZ

najib manaukau
19 Apr 2012 8.35am

Anil is just revealing the path that Malaysia is on the way to bankruptcy and will surely join Greece, Iceland, Italy and the likes sooner than expected.
This is especially so, at the rate that money is given out just to buy votes for the coming GE and I might add to say, with borrowed money. Who are the beneficiaries from these furry of activities whatever the outcome ?
And can I ask what will happen and who will be the first when Malaysia is bankrupt and austerity has to be implemented ? Go out to protest on the streets of Malaysia just the way the Greek are doing.
Obviously the very first will be the lazy and corrupted civil servants and who are the civil servants ? Mainly consist of ?