Karpal Singh’s passing leaves a deep void in Malaysia

Karpal Singh - Photograph: Wikipedia

Aliran is shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden demise of a towering Malaysian, Karpal Singh, earlier today. We extend our deepest condolences to his family.

Karpal Singh - Photograph: Wikipedia
Karpal Singh – Photograph: Wikipedia

A deep void is now felt in Malaysian life because Karpal the lawyer and politician had fearlessly fought many battles in court and in Parliament, taking up the cause of justice on behalf of the downtrodden and victims of social injustice.

Regarded as the ‘Tiger of Jelutong’, where for many years he was the elected representative, Karpal roared thunderously without fear or favour in his relentless pursuit of truth and justice. He crossed swords with not a few people in his long noble journey, his political foes fearing him for his forthrightness.

We are grateful to Karpal for his tireless work, which contributed greatly to nation building. His efforts provided the necessary checks and balances while deepening the democratic process in the country.

Karpal Singh in court - Photograph: The Malaysian Insider
Karpal Singh in court – Photograph: The Malaysian Insider

His steely principles and candour also saw him fighting for justice, ironically even for himself, right to the very end. One of his last cases was his battle to overturn his conviction arising from an opinion he delivered on the Perak constitutional crisis – which was subsequently deemed ‘seditious’ by the powers that be.

The best way for concerned Malaysians to honour him and cherish his lifelong work is to ensure that his ideals and principles live on in this land.

Dr Mustafa K Anuar
Aliran Hon Secretary
17 April 2014

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Mustafa K Anuar
Dr Mustafa K Anuar, the honorary secretary of Aliran and co-editor of our e-Newsletter, is concerned about issues of press freedom and freedom of expression in our society. He is also a Fellow at the Penang Institute.


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