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Get real, Suhakam! 1

Get real, Suhakam!

If children cannot be protected against an exploitative and unjust system, what is the rationale for standing in their way when they participate in actions to demand their rights, asks Rani Rasiah.

Abuse, misuse of police powers 0

Abuse, misuse of police powers

Organisers of an inter-faith forum on water filed a formal complaint with Suhakam on the conduct of the Special Branch based in Dang Wangi police station.

Merdeka: United for water 0

Merdeka: United for water

Representatives of the main religious groups in Malaysia came together and sign a joint declaration that reiterates that water is God's gift to the people.

Pagar makan padi? 0

Pagar makan padi?

Perak recently raised water tariffs even though the Perak Water Board has been making healthy profits for the past five years. Jeyakumar Devaraj writes on the turbulence sparked by the hike and the controversial...

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