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Sebuah kumpulan 25 rakyat biasa telah menulis suatu petisyen kepada Perdana Menteri untuk meluahkan sokongan terhadap kenyataan yang diberikan oleh 25 orang individu yang berwibawa. (English version below)

Battling the demons of enmity 0

Battling the demons of enmity

To help build peace and unity, we have to come together to talk honestly without antagonism, to forgive and heal the rifts that have frequently driven us apart in animosity and enmity, says Jasmine...

Vision 2020 – A pipe dream 3

Vision 2020 – A pipe dream

K Harisas is convinced that the BN cannot deliver on the challenge to create a united Malaysian nation. The BN, he says, has not evolved as a party that can transcend ‘race’.

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