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andyAliran mourns the passing of one of our veteran stalwarts, V Malayandy (pic, centre), who was laid to rest today.  Andy, as he was fondly known to his friends, stood with us over the years, including the dark days of Operasi Lalang, rendering tireless yeoman service in the past as Aliran treasurer and auditor. 

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georgeK George writes to the Prime Minister, urging him to take just and appropriate action on the issues that have tarnished his 'Mr Clean' image. "Makethe battle against corruption your priority, make accountability your trademark, act justly and fairly without fear or favour and seal your leadership and restore your waning credibility," he urges.

Aliran views with deep concern the furore sparked by research group Asli’s recent findings on bumiputra equity ownership which led to the unfortunate but principled resignation of its research director, Dr Lim Teck Ghee. The episode touches on important questions of freedom of inquiry and of expression that are the cornerstones of any research that values high standards of investigation, intellectual rigour and integrity.