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We demand development and democracy 0

We demand development and democracy

Francis Loh observes that more and more Malaysians are demanding both development and democracy. The deepening of democracy in Malaysia requires the consolidation of a two-coalition political system.

Malaysia’s centralised federal system 0

Malaysia’s centralised federal system

Compared with those states in other countries using a federal-state system, the constituent states in Malaysia play relatively limited roles in relation to the centre. Francis Loh examines the factors that have contributed towards...

Improve the public health care system 0

Improve the public health care system

Malaysians want a government that lives up to its responsibility of ensuring that all citizens and other residents of Malaysia have equitable access to safe, adequate and quality health care, said participants at a...

The Justice system 0

The Justice system

As you go out to vote, think of the justice system in Malaysia, urges our special correspondent Pro-justice.The way justice and legal systems function in Malaysia is a serious cause for concern. The call...

Bus rapid transit 0

Bus rapid transit

With oil prices reaching the stratosphere, many are crying out for good public transport. Look no farther than the efficient, cheap and profitable bus rapid transit system in Curitiba. Malaysian urban planners, take note.

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