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Cecil Rajendra wins Suhakam award 2

Cecil Rajendra wins Suhakam award

Penang-based lawyer and poet Cecil Rajendra, a long-time contributor to Aliran, has received Suhakam’s award under the individual category for his efforts in promoting human rights in Malaysia.

Suhakam has key role to play 0

Suhakam has key role to play

As the country faces relentless economic development, NGOs and Suhakam have a pivotal role to play in ensuring that the rights of the people are not neglected and the negative impact of development is...

Get real, Suhakam! 1

Get real, Suhakam!

If children cannot be protected against an exploitative and unjust system, what is the rationale for standing in their way when they participate in actions to demand their rights, asks Rani Rasiah.

A really Burok shooting 0

A really Burok shooting

In the Batu Burok gathering, why did the plainclothes policeman not fire into the air – even if it is true he was being threatened – instead of choosing to shoot directly at unarmed...

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