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MPs in Parliament: - Photograph: anwaribrahim.info

Are there real morons in Parliament and State Assemblies?  It is a severe indictment on those who choose such scumbags to stand for election to Parliament and State Assemblies. Every time women’s issues like rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence or gender equality are discussed, these dim-wits say unsavoury things that confirm their minuscule brain.

The BN’s takeover of Perak without resort to elections would cement the enmity of the very people it should be trying to win back at the next elections. Come next general election, voters are likely to reject both the BN’s state and parliamentary candidates with greater vehemence, and not just in Perak, warns Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Aliran is alarmed that the duly elected legitimate government in Perak is being toppled through immoral party hopping thus frustrating the will of the people.

These party hoppers do not represent themselves but they are the representatives of the people. In the last election, these individuals were not elected solely on their individual merit. But the votes were mainly cast for the Pakatan Rakyat in rejecting the BN.