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The Great Malaysian Train Robbery 0

The Great Malaysian Train Robbery

Our national news is the stuff of legends, writes Sheila Santharamohana. Most Malaysians stay riveted for hours to online news portals reading about real-life scandals, sexual indiscretions, murder, betrayal, greed, conspiracies.

Desperation in high places 1

Desperation in high places

Despite the best efforts of spin doctors and ‘strategic teams’, the ‘noises’ and the scandals are extremely difficult for the regime to shut off, leading to much consternation and increasing desperation in the corridors...

Suara untuk Suaram 0

Suara untuk Suaram

Adakah mereka benar-benar percaya bahawa dengan mendakwa Suaram, mereka akan berjaya menutup mulutnya atau pandangan badan-badan bukan kerajaan yang lain yang menunggu untuk meneruskan perjuangan Suaram, ujar Zaharom Nain.

Like shooting fish in a barrel 2

Like shooting fish in a barrel

All the ongoing and newly emerging scandals leading up to the 13th general election make commenting on dirty Malaysian politics as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, observes Zaharom Nain.

Seal your leadership, Mr Prime Minister 0

Seal your leadership, Mr Prime Minister

K George writes to the Prime Minister, urging him to take just and appropriate action on the issues that have tarnished his 'Mr Clean' image. "Makethe battle against corruption your priority, make accountability your...

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