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ahmad fairuzThe only punishment for Tun Ahmad Fairuz, the former chief justice is to strip him of his Tun-ship and all awards ever bestowed on him, says Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan. He has not only turned out to be a disgrace to the legal fraternity and the Malaysian people but also brought shame and dishonor to the Yang DiPertuan Agong, the highest royal institution of the country who appointed him to the post, to the institution of the prime minister, who recommended him, and to all the sultans who bestowed on him awards.

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Aliran is happy to note that the Lingam Tape Report has been finally concluded and the Report submitted to His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

But Aliran is perturbed that there is no indication that the Report will be made public. It is our considered view that the public is entitled to have access to the Lingam Tape Report. We demand that this Report be made public.

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welcomes the government’s decision to appoint a Royal Commission of
Inquiry following the disturbing disclosures in the Lingam tape. What
Malaysians witnessed through the tape revealed the rot in the
judiciary, which many Malaysians had suspected all along. Their
suspicions have now been removed and we are now convinced that the
rot has pervaded the judiciary through the manipulation of unethical
judges to do the bidding of the authorities.

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