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Unanimous, conclusive findings 1

Unanimous, conclusive findings

In an article entitled “Inconclusive Findings” in the Eastern Times of 16 September 2009, James Ritchie wrote: Led by Director-General of Women’s Development Department (Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita) Dato Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur, the...

Let right be done 0

Let right be done

It is never too late for right to be done and for the truth to be told, says Ambiga Sreenevasan, in launching the report of a panel of eminent persons to review the 1988...

Bersih rally: The demonisation continues 0

Bersih rally: The demonisation continues

The Star, among other dailies, today carried a front-page banner headline that screamed, “No consent” (referring to the Yang DiPertuan Agong's apparent disapproval of the recent “illegal' Bersih rally, which concluded with the submission...

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