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Fire-fighting forays 2

Fire-fighting forays

Until and unless the root causes of ethno-religious conflict or general discontent are tackled, any attempt to resolve the situation may be seen as just fire-fighting, writes Mustafa K Anuar.

Where’s the loving feeling? 0

Where’s the loving feeling?

The Prime Minister has been touting his 1Malaysia slogan. But can we co-exist as one when irreversible damage has been done, wonders Fathol Zaman Bukhari.

Sad saga of the songkok 0

Sad saga of the songkok

The official use of the songkok has always been embroiled in controversy, be it the requirement for state assemblymen’s swearing in or non-Malay students attending a university convocation. The songkok really has nothing to...

Trapped in a pickle of their own making 0

Trapped in a pickle of their own making

For the sake of the country’s children and future, it is high time the BN realised that its ethnic and religious model of politics is passé, says Andrew Aeria. Voters, please note.

Aliran Monthly 27: 2 editor’s note 0

Aliran Monthly 27: 2 editor’s note

What does Anwar Ibrahim think of the controversy surrounding Article 121(1A) and the judiciary? In a cover story interview with the reformasi icon, we get him to speak frankly about the state of inter-ethnic...

Troubling times 0

Troubling times

The silent majority must wake up and take a stand against opportunistic politicians who are using race and religion to stir the cauldron, says P Ramakrishnan.

The politics of dialogue 0

The politics of dialogue

John Hilley argues that curbs on the discussion of racial and religious issues not only breed suspicion, resentment and disunity but foster Vision-type notions of national unity popularised by big leaders.Malaysians do know how...

Secularism in India 0

Secularism in India

There are some lessons we can learn from India whose medieval society was more religiously tolerant and open, says Asghar Ali Engineer. But divide-and-rule colonial tactics and politically divisive forces have created communal and...

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